What influenced Elizabeth I?

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What influenced Elizabeth?
Elizabeth's relationship with them Their influence/lessons she learnt from them
Henry VIII They had quite a distant relationship Perhaps Elizabeth never wanted to get
as Henry made her illegitimate and married because she thought all men were
under the control of a Governess like Henry and didn't want to end up like
(Kat Ashley) He only occasionally her mother or her children end up like her.
invited her to court and special However, Henry was a good role model in
occasions. terms of a powerful monarch.
Their meetings, although
infrequent, were generally friendly.
Although Henry occasionally lost his
temper with Elizabeth.
Catherine Parr Catherine was an ideal stepmother Catherine was sympathetic towards further
and helped bring Henry's daughters Protestant reform which may have
back to court. influenced Elizabeth's religious beliefs.
Catherine and Elizabeth had an Catherine's death during child birth may
affectionate relationship and have provoked Elizabeth's pathological
regarded each other as mother and fear of giving birth.
Although Catherine was sent away,
they remained friendly right up until
Catherine's death.
Thomas Thomas showed an interest in May have put her off marrying after being
Seymour Elizabeth ­ "The over-ambitious groomed and some say, may have been
(Elizabeth's Thomas started to make advances sexually abused, by an older man.
guardian) toward Elizabeth, sneaking into 'the However, these events prepared her for
Lady Elizabeth's chamber before possible problems, plots and schemes that
she was ready, and sometimes could arise in the future.
before she did rise; and if she were In turn, leading her to become more wary
up he would bid her good morrow of whom she could or could not trust.
and ask how she did, and strike her
upon the back or on the buttocks
She was flattered by his attentions
and seemed a little attracted to
him, although she was just fourteen
and he was forty.
Kat Ashley Elizabeth loved Kat and remained She showed her devotion by appointing Kat
(Elizabeth's closely attached to her throughout First Lady of the Bedchamber when she
governess) her childhood. became Queen in 1558.
Elizabeth fiercely resisted attempts Kat supervised Elizabeth's education.
by Edward VI and Mary to replace Evidently, Champernowne had been well
Kat with a governess of their educated for she taught Elizabeth
choosing. astronomy, geography, history,

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Elizabeth herself praised Kat's early mathematics, French, Flemish, Italian and
devotion to her studies by stating Spanish.
that Kat took "great labour and pain In addition, she taught Elizabeth pursuits
in bringing of me up in learning and such as needlework, embroidery, dancing,
honesty". riding, and deportment.
By the age of six, Elizabeth was able to
sew a beautiful cambric shirt as a gift for
Edward VI.…read more

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Elizabeth to the Tower and almost
had her executed ­ Wyatt Rebellion.
Tensions continued right until the
Mary was a Catholic and Elizabeth
was a Protestant.
Mary Tudor never forgave Elizabeth
for being the daughter of the hated
Anne Boleyn.…read more


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