What are stem cells + Points for and against stem cell research

Description of stem cells, and describing points for and against Stem Cell research.

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Stem Cells
What are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are cells in your body that don't differentiate. They keep their options
open. Stem cells are able to divide to produce specialised cells.
Points For Stem Cell Research
Stem cells may help treatment of a number of diseases. For example, if a person
has suffered damage to their spinal cord, the cells in the cord are not able to
divide and repair the damage. If some stem cells could be inserted into the place
near the damage, maybe they could divide and produce new neurones, and mend
the cord.
Stem cell research allows scientists to learn about how we are made up or formed
and tries to reverse problems in this stage such as cancer and birth defects.
Another point is that we are learning how to grow tissue to use for medical
reasons, if they keep progressing in their studies scientists will possibly be able to
cure illness such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, spinal cord injury,
stroke, burns, heart disease, diabetes
Points Against Stem Cell Research
Some of the cons of stem cell research are that to develop a cell line scientists
have to use embryonic stem cells witch are taken from embryos that are about
one week old this means that the baby will not live, so a life is lost in order to save
others. I think that we should not do this because we can also get embryonic stem
cells from umbilical cords and tissue but not just as much as an embryo.
The second source is creating human embryos for the only purpose of research.
The third source is to obtain the human embryos through cloning. Supporters of
expanded stem cell research see the issue from a medical stand point and
Opponents see the issue from an ethical point of view. They believe that it is
ethically and morally unacceptable to perform research on embryos because it
means a human life must be destroyed.
My View
I am totally against stem research because I don't think its fair, its just like killing
a human to save another. We were all once an embryo, embryos have the right to
grow to a proper human and not used as a test to be killed.


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