Biology 2 - Stem Cells

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Stem Cells

  • Differntiation is the process by which a cell changes to become speciallised for its job. In most animal cells the ability is lost at an early stage, but plant cells always have this ability.
  • Some stem cells are undifferentiated. They can develop into different types of cell depending on what instructions they're given. These cells are called STEM CELLS.
  • Stem cells are found in human embryos. 
  • Adults also have stem cells, but they're oly found in certain places, like bone marrow. These aren't as versitile as embryonic stem celss - they can't turn into ANY type of cell.

Stem cells may be able to cure diseases

  • Medicine already uses adult stem cells to cure disease. For example some people with some blood diesases can be treated by bone marrow transplants.
  • Scientists can also extrac stem cells from very…


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