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Weather and Climate and
associated hazards
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The climate of the British isles
· Weather
­ Day to day condition of the atmosphere
· Climate
­ Average weather conditions over a period of time…read more

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British climate
· Temperate: Not extreme, not too wet or dry or too cold or
· Seasonal- 4 seasons
· Rainfall
· Winds blow from West to East
· Source of water vapour from the Atlantic
· Dry's out by the time it reaches the east
· Wind
· Low= 6 knots
· High= 20 knots
· Wind on coasts
· Higher winds in the West
· Comes from Atlantic…read more

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Air masses in the British Isles
· An air mass is a large volume of air having fairly
uniform characteristics of temperature,
atmospheric pressure and water vapour content
· Classification
­ Moisture
· Maritime- originated over ocean
· Continental- originated over land
­ Thermal
· Arctic/ Polar
· Tropical…read more

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The climate of the British isles- Air
Arctic maritime
0.1% humidity
Cold and dry
Polar maritime
6% humidity
Cool and moist
Polar continental
0.2% humidity
Cold and dry
Tropical maritime
22-30°C Tropical continental
15% humidity
Mild and Moist
7% humidity
Warm and dry…read more

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e = A i r
r es s u r
Low p up (rising)
is go i n
· Start in the Atlantic (gulf of Mexico)
· Air mass that is tropical maritime
· Move in NE direction
· As they approach UK encounters cooler and
drier air masses
· Creates low pressure systems as air rises
· Spin in Anti-clockwise motion due to Corrolis
force…read more

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