Water On The Land Formations

formations of meanders, oxbow lakes, deltas, waterfalls, Levees and floodplains

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Water on the land ­ Formations
1. Current is faster on the outside of the bend ­ less friction (deeper channel)
2. More erosion takes place on the outside of the bend ­ river cliffs
3. Current slower on inside of the bend ­ more friction (shallower)
4. Eroded material is deposited
Ox-bow lakes
1. Erosion caused outside of the bend to get closer
2. Only a small bit of land left (neck)
3. River breaks through ­ during flood
4. River flows along the shortest course
5. Deposition cuts of the meander ­ oxbow lake

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Softer rock eroded more than the hard rock
2. Softer rock eroded more and more
3. Steep drop is eventually created ­ waterfall
4. Hard rock is undercut by erosion ­ unsupported so collapses
5. Collapsed rock swirled around and erode softer rock by abrasion ­ plunge pool
6. More undercutting causes more collapse.
7. Waterfall retreats ­ steep sided gorge created
Flood Plain
1. Formed by deposition
2. River floods onto floodplain
3. Water slows down and deposits eroded material that its transporting
4.…read more

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There are 3 main types: - Arcuate (fan shaped), Cuspate (tooth shaped), and Birds Foot…read more


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