MEDC, Desert Case Study, Mojava Desert USA, AQA

physical geography aqa specification, case study

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Desert - case study ­ MEDC
Location: Nevada USA
The Mojave desert covers 57, 000km
Arid area = less than 250mm annual rainfall
Sparsely populated, but population decreased water levels
o Tourist attractions = Grand Canyon; Las Vegas; Death Valley
Tourist deplete water supply
Drop litter, damage plants and cause soil erosion
Rapid population ­ Sun City ­ decrease water
Sustainable management:
Fenced off areas
Mojave water company give vouchers for water efficient toilettes and
washing machines
4 national parks, restrict land use = mining to reduce damage
Some hotels use less water
MGM use drip irrigation
People paid to remove water hungry plants and less water dependant
plants or Astroturf


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