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Water Conflicts…read more

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· Blue water flow- the visible part of the system, water running on the
surface and supplying river or running underground
· Green water flow- involves interception and transpiration of water by
vegetation or its evaporation
· Water stress- annual supply of water per person falls below 1,700m3,
when the figure drops below 1,000m3 its called...
· Water scarcity-
· Phyiscal-occurs when more than 75% of country's river flows are being used
· Economic-blue water flow sources is limited by human and financial capacities…read more

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Water Supply
· Climate-
· Regions near the equator receive high levels of annual precipitation
· Whilst some tropical areas experience drought
· Depends on the seasons, Amazon has two rainy seasons, South East Asia had one season
that is very wet
· High mountains with snowpack which is released in late spring
· River Systems
· Geology-
· If the rocks underlying a basin are impermeable, water will remain on the surface
· Permeable soils allow water to pass into underground drainage systems
· Aquifers such as chalk can store vast quantities of water underground…read more

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Facts and Figures
· 1/3 of the population is short of water
· In Sub Saharan Africa, use less than 25% of the river resources
· India=4% of world's freshwater but 16% of its population
· China=8% of world's freshwater,22% of world's population, uses
irrigation to produce 70% of its food
· Surface water resources= Canada= 2,892 Ethiopia=110
· Aral Sea- 10% of its original size
· Koraral Dam in 2005, increased water level in Aral Sea…read more

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Human Impacts on Water Availability
· Pollution of water-
· Sewage disposal
· Chemical fertilisers
· Water which is pumped into rivers, oceans
· Big dams trap sediments which reduces flood plain fertility and flow of nutrients
· Abstraction-
· Extracted faster than its being replaced
· The removal of freshwater from aquifers can lead to salt water incursion…read more

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Access to Water
· The problems with water insecurity are related to-
· Availability- having a water supply and distribution network
· Access-freedom to use or income to buy
· Usage- entitlement to, understanding of water use and health issues
· Water Poverty Index-
· Resources, access, capacity, use and environment
· Scored out of 20, max score= 100
· Canada=78 Ethiopia=45…read more

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