Was Hitler really to blame for the Holocaust?

Essay explaining who exactly is to blame for the Holocaust.

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The Holocaust ­ Was Hitler really to blame?
Many believe that Hitler is the sole reason for The Holocaust. I disagree. I think
Hitler played a very small part in The Holocaust and there are a number of people
that were more responsible. In fact, calling the murder of six million Jews `The
Holocaust' is incorrect. The word `holocaust' means `sacrifice', suggesting the Jews
had agreed to their horrific ordeal, which they didn't. The correct term for this
should be `genocide', which means the killing of a large group of people.
Firstly, the engineers of the camps and the gas chambers. Hitler may have ordered
the concentration/death camps and the gas chambers to be made, but it wasn't
Hitler that had designed and constructed them. Hitler hired several engineers to
design the gas chambers which lead to the genocide of six million Jews. If the
engineers had objected to their orders, or refused to construct the chambers,
plenty of lives could've been saved.
Secondly, foreign leaders. The leaders of countries such as Britain and France were
aware of the terrible happenings that were occurring in Germany and Poland. Yet,
they did absolutely nothing to stop the Nazis. The leaders could've done a number
of things to stop the Germans, such as bombing the concentration camps, along
with the gas chambers. If the foreign leaders had stepped in, how many lives
would've been saved?
Another group of people responsible for the Holocaust is the people of Germany.
Obviously, the Nazis would've supported the plans to exterminate the Jews, but
the Germans belonging to other parties stood back and watched in silence. Not a
single person in Germany had spoken up about the abysmal treatment of the Jews.
Even the German police were liable for the Holocaust. Hitler had ordered the
German police to round up the Jews and board them onto trains, heading for the
concentration camps full with gas chambers. Why didn't the German police go back

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Prevent crime, such as
In conjunction to my previous paragraph mentioning the trains, the train drivers
are also responsible for the killing of six million Jews. If the train drivers had
objected to the extermination of the Jews, and refused to control the trains,
Germany would have no train drivers, therefore, no way of transporting the
innocent Jews to their deaths.
The German doctors played a part in the holocaust.…read more


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