Wimar germany 1939-1945

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  • The Enaballing act
  • Night of the long knives
  • The reight stag fire
  • Banning of trade unions.
  • Hitler becomes chancoller of Germany
  • Hitler appointed chancoller by hindenburg.


  • End of democracy ,Illegal to vote for any party but the Nazi party ,Hitler was the only leader of Germany and could pass any law he wanted.
  • Over 400 people were murdered or arrested for betrayal or being a coummunist/social democrat.
  • Many communists were arrested as suspects for causing the fire which supposedly hitler pulled off.
  • All trade unions were banned and the Nazi laubor front was founderd.
  • His power increases and starts to regain a lot of popularity and eventually passes the enaballing act.
  • One of the biggest mistakes in political history.
  • Hitler automaticly gains political power.

Overall summary

These are many of the factors affecting how Hitler became dictator of Germany and partly what lead to the holocaust.


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