The influence of various factors on voting

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  • Voting behaviour and the media
    • Age
      • A key factor.
      • Older voters favour the Conservatives (and UKIP) very significantly.
      • Young voters have a Labour bias and tend to support Green.
    • Gender
      • Virtually no difference in voting habits.
      • There's a slight tendency for women to vote Labour.
    • Ethnicity
      • A significant factor but becoming less so.
      • A further trend is for more established immigrant groups to move towards the Conservatives
    • Class
      • Used to be the most important determinant of voting behaviour but is becoming less influential.
      • Is still significant.
    • Region
      • Considerable variations in regional voting patterns.
      • Scotland is heavily SNP dominated, while southern England is solidly Conservative.
      • North England is Labour country, while the midlands are closely contested between the two main parties.


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