Race, religion and gender american voting

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  • Assess the significance of race, gender and religion as factors influencing US voting behaviour.
    • Race
      • The African - American vote fpr the democrats is never less than 83% and in 2008 it was 95%
      • 95% of black men voted Obama
    • Religion
      • All presidents have had church affiliation.
      • Catholics are usually Democratic but in 2004 52% voted Reoublican
        • 2008 returned back to normal.
      • Hispanic Catholic and Democratic but are hidden republicans as they agree with pro life and family traditions
      • Jewish Democratic
    • Gender
      • Men are more likely to vote Republican
        • Women are more likely to vote Democratic and are more likely to vote.
          • In 2004 the Republicans put emphasis upon security moms and the in 2008 hockey moms.
          • Women are more enviromentally aware and wanting regulations.
      • The gender gap can be explained by abortion rights gun control the death penalty education health and welfare.


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