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Virtue Ethics

The origins of VE lie with Aristotle, a student of Plato who rejected his
Plato gave a `metaphysical' account of goodness ­ he regarded good as
something real
Aristotle, though, criticised Plato ­ and instead gave a naturalistic and
psychological account of good it is a…

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Driven by their reputations (politicians, Dr. Wratten)
o Lovers of contemplation
Philosophers and thinkers
Achieve what is best (shades of J.S.Mill)
Humans have the distinctive power of reasoning ­ which makes them the
`rational animals' and so they should strive for what is better
The human soul is divided into…

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However, since the Enlightenment, rational philosophers have sought to give
a single account of the cause of ethics, ignoring the most important aspect ­
individual practice
MacIntyre argues that having a set of agreed virtues for our society could
help give life purpose and meaning
He suggests these virtues


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