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Values and Sociology
The Three Viewpoints
Value free and should be value free
Value laden
- Inevitably bring value into research
Sociologists who want to bring values into their research to change society

Value Free Sociology
They argue sociology should be studied as a science (Durkheim)
Objectivity is key…

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People won't pay for research they have no interest in
Career Trajectories
A researcher's research is likely to be influence by their desire to be `known' and their
ability to develop their own career than studying in a value free way
Values will inevitably creep into sociology
According to…

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Traditionally sociology has been studied from the point of view of the `powerful'; the
policeman, the teacher etc.
Instead we should study the underdog, for example the offender and the student
Committed to exposing the very powerful in society
Real power does not lie with police
Marxist View



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