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Using the Internet and eBusiness

What is an ebusiness?
Traditionally, businesses sold their products or services from premises like a
shop, office, or factory. Bricks and mortar still forms the basis of most
But the Internet and the World Wide Web have opened up new ways to do

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Online Shopping

Save money
People buy on the Web because it can save them money. Products bought
online can be a lot cheaper than buying in high street shops.

Open 24/7
The Web is always open for business, so people can shop when it's most
convenient for them: whether it's…

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No stock needed
Unlike a shop, an ebusiness does not actually have to hold any stock.
Its orders can be rerouted straight to their suppliers who will deliver the
customer's orders direct to them.
Online catalogues
Businesses can save time and paper by no longer producing paper copies of

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Starting up
So suppose you wanted to start up an ebusiness, selling goods or services.
Before you leap in, it's essential to draw up a business plan setting out your
ideas and strategies.
Business plan: A business plan is a report setting out the objectives of the
business, how these…

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Launching the business on the Internet is known as 'enable'.
All the processes have to work. If they don't, the business will need to review and
change its systems.

Getting noticed and building a customer base
Creating a recognisable business logo is as important to an ebusiness as to…

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Register the website with these search tools

People expect the same kind of service from an ebusiness that they would
receive in a retail store.
They do not want to be told that products or services are not available.
Ebusiness customers need to be sure that the information…

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Websites for Business

Common goals
Businesses need to advertise to attract customers and sell their products or
services. Often they will advertise on billboards or in magazines and
An increasingly popular way to reach customers is via a website. This is a
number of linked pages which can be…

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Feel secure about giving details like their credit card number over the Internet

Selling services
Businesses offering services like sharepurchasing and accounting need to
provide clear information about the services they're offering.
The website must be designed so that it can:

Answer customers' queries
Handle online payments
Process orders



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