What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the buying, selling , marketing and distributing of goods or services over the internet.

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What is e-business?

Electronic business refers to the use of electronic systems such as the internet to carry out a range of day to day activities such as

Buying and selling products 

communicating with suppliers 

recording and analysing the performance of the business

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Advantages of E-commerce for the business

  • Global presence
  • 24/7 opening
  • reduced costs
  • increased sales and profit
  • Improved customer information
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Disadvantages of e-commerce to a business

  • Start up costs 
  • problems with access
  • not suitable for all products
  • increased competition from a global market
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Advantages for consumers

  • Increased convenience
  • increased choice
  • improved product information
  • Lower prices due to increased competition
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Disadvantages of e-commerce for consumers

  • Concerns about security
  • lack of instant gratifications
  • lacks the social aspect of shopping
  • inconsistent return policies
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