USA and Vietnam

Presentation of the vietnam war, however it doesn't include how they got out (vietnamisation).

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Why did the USA fail in
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Vietnam had been a French colony by the
Japanese in 1941.
After the Japanese in WWII, the French tried
to regain their old territory, but were
defeated by the Viet minh.
Vietnam was freed from French rule in 1954,
but was divided into South and North
Ho chi Minh ran North Vietnam as a
communist country
South Vietnam was anti-communist and led
by Ngo Dinh Diem
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Diem's government in the South Vietnam was
hated by many of it's people. He was a Catholic
who ruled a largely Buddhist population in a
corrupt and cruel way.
Many Vietnamese peasants gave their support to
the Vietcong, who received supplies from the
government in North Vietnam.
Diem's government received aid from the
American. They believed that the Vietcong were
trying to spread communism into south Vietnam.
The American believed if that is they were
successful it would have a domino effect
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America was paranoid about communism
changing their way of life as they had always
been a capitalist country. So when Vietnam
looked certain to become communist,
America took evasive action.
Between 1954 and 1960, the USA sent
equipment and `military advisers' into South
Vietnam. From 1961 JFK increased the
number of advisers until there were 11,000
Americans in the country.
Why did the USA get increasingly
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The American troops in Vietnam had vastly
superior weapons (mortars, machine guns and
rocket launchers) to those used by the Vietcong.
However the Vietcong avoided this strategy and
instead fought a guerrilla war. They came out of
the jungle to carry out acts of sabotage and
sudden ambushes, then quickly return to the
What were the different ways that
the USA get increasingly involved
in Vietnam?…read more

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The Americans adopted a variety of tactics to try to defeat
the Vietcong guerrilla warfare.
Strategic villages were set up, where whole villages would
move to and be carefully controlled. Special aid was given
to try and win their support.
For the Vietcong to no longer hide in the jungle, Americans
dropped Agent Orange to remove the leaves, leaving the
area unfit for human habitation.
They also dropped Napalm (a type of petroleum jelly that
burns fiercely and sticks to skin) was dropped to burn
jungles and set villages on fire.
What were the different ways that
the USA get increasingly involved
in Vietnam?…read more

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