Basic information on how the USA became involved in The Vietnam war!!!


The Vietnam War…

The war in Vietnam started on November 1st 1965 and ended on the 30th of April 1968.

The war was between the USA, South Vietnam and North Vietnam, the build-up to the war started shortly after ww2 because at the end of ww2 the French owned Vietnam and about a year on the French lost the write to own Vietnam. So ho chi minh decided he would go to North Vietnam to try to make them all communist people.

A short while on North Vietnam became communist as ho chi minh had wanted which meant he had succeeded. He then decided that he would gradually move down Vietnam until it was all communist. Ho chi minh did not have enough money or supplies to succeed at this task so he turned to the prime minister of china (who was also communist) to help him persuade South Vietnam to become communist.

However the French saw what was happening and decided they wanted Vietnam to come back under their power and so decided to invade, southern Vietnam.  America realised what France was trying to do and so paid France a lot of money per year to help them and attempt to convert all Vietnam into a capitalist county. But it was not just a small amount of money it was $200,000,000, ($200 million) per year. If France asked for more money, more weapons or more transport they would not hesitate to send more of what they needed.

However North Vietnam had a similar idea to the French, but coming from the north whereas the French were coming from the south. What was going to cause conflict though was the fact that North Vietnam was communist, backed up by china and other communist countries, but France was capitalist, being supported by the USA, and other capitalist countries. Both were trying to convince the Southern Vietnamese people that theirs was


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