The Vietnam War

  • His election as president was a sham- the vote was rigged
  • Diem was a rich catholic unlike most vietnamese, who were mostly poor
  • He supported rich landowner and persecuted Buddhists
  • Diem hunted down vietminh supporters and executed them if they did not support him
  • Diem gave important offical posistions to his relatives and friends

The vietnam war (The diem government)

  • Us president Eisenhower was detremined not to let communism spread into south vietnam
  • Stratagey- Build up south vietnam so it was strong enough to stand against the north
  • He made sure that the south vietnam was led by someone who was anti communist -Ngo Dinh Diem
  • Eisenhower decided to send milatry 'advisers' to support Diem
  • These advisers were to help Diem train the south vietnamese army
  • The USA alos started a propaganda campagin against North Vietnam
  • It clamied that Vietminh and chinese communists had enterd South Vietnam and were killing innocent civillians
  • Allso the Noth Vietnamese government was accused of killing thousnads of vietnamese living in the Nort, who were said to be political opponents of communism
  • Unfortunatly for the USA, Diem ran a corrupt government and was not popular in the south.
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