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A02 Sheridan and Blake Quotes/Themes

Parental Relationships
Infant Joy
Mother asks a Newborn baby what name it wants he replies "Joy is my name"
because that is all he knows
In Blake's illustrations the baby and mother are enclosed in a Tulip = protection
with an angel looking over them…

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The Rivals: "my dear Lydia forestalled me...she could never abide me" leads to
Bob's jealousy and decision to challenge Beverly ­ Links to Sheridan's duel
Jealousy = also explored in Nurses Song colour "green"
However like the worm in the Sick Rose, his love is "secret"

Lydia and Jack

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The Schoolboy
He complains at the constraints of education and the classroom, where pupils
suffer under the cruel oversight of their teacher.
He asks rhetorically whether a bird born for joy can sing if it is confined in a cage
Spondees in the first stanza emphasise positive images: `birds sing',…

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Bob Acres and My Pretty Rose Tree (as above)

Jack and Lydia's desire to be free (as above)

The Little Black Boy
"I am black, but O! my soul is white White as an angel is the English child"
"And be like him and he will then love me"…

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