*Updated* Links, Similarities, Differences between Songs of Innocence and Exeperience and The Rivals OCR A2 Literature

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A02 Sheridan and Blake Quotes/Themes
Parental Relationships
Infant Joy
Mother asks a Newborn baby what name it wants he replies "Joy is my name"
because that is all he knows
In Blake's illustrations the baby and mother are enclosed in a Tulip = protection
with an angel looking over them
Infant Sorrow
"Struggling in my father's hands" the care of the parents is not experienced as
safety and concern. Instead, it is portrayed as restraining and imprisoning
Similarly In the Rivals
Sir Anthony forces Jack to "promise" to marry a girl he has never seen before
and threatens to make him "ogle her and write sonnets on her beauty" , he is
absolute in his views like his name which was typical in Comedy of Manners ­
1D etc
A Cradle Song
The mother wants to keep her child totally innocent with no experience of `woe'
and even the "dovelike moans" must be calmed
Similarly in the Rivals
Mrs Malaprop wants to protect Lydia from a life of struggle by marrying Beverly
and giving up her fortune
She doesn't want Lydia to become a "progeny of learning" ­ Learning =
Chimney Sweeper
Contrasts and shows neglect and it's consequence, both in (I) and (E) there is a
matter of fact tone and the irony of weep is employed.
"my mother died I was very young...my father sold me while yet my tongue"
My Pretty Rose Tree
The speaker was offered a beautiful flower but refused it in favour of a pretty
This rosetree received all the speakers attention but rejected it leaving the
speaker with nothing but jealousy
Flower and Rose tree symbolic = women, the speaker = man. Links to Bob
Acres and Lydia
This can be seen as Blake's espousal of free love. The flower offered to the
speaker could be an image of someone's virginity
iambic tetra metric

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