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The Rivals Revision

Comedy of Manners satirises sentimentalism and sophisticated pretensions
without the typical 18th century moralising
Oliver Goldsmith 1773 ­ "laughing comedy" in contrast with the "weeping
sentimental comedy" that dished out heavy handed moralising in every act
The Georgian public expected plays to remind them of their social…

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It is possible Sheridan based some aspects of Faulkland on his own behaviour
23 years before writing the play, when he eloped with Elizabeth Linley he was
20 and idealistic as Lydia Languish
Mrs Inchbald ­ considered Faulkland the most "original" character in the comedy.
His exchange with Julia at…

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Love was a key convention that governed Restoration/Comedy of manners
particularly free love, Constancy in love (especially marriage) was seen as
boring links to Blake who used the theme of free love in his poetry
In CofM the characters are 1d often caricatured by their very name e.g.
Malaprop, Miss…

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1792 Mary Wollstonecraft's influential book A Vindication of the Rights of
Women demanded equal rights with men. This was the first serious book written
by a woman
In Sheridan's plays women are written as importantly as the male characters but
their roles and restrictions reflect societies moral codes and values…


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