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AS Human Biology
Unit Two…read more

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What are the advantages of
Forelimbs are free to carry things
Extra height gain
More efficient movement…read more

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Humans have an extended
childhood. Explain a benefit of this
There is more time to learn, so skills such
as language are more developed so
therefore there is better communication…read more

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What are homologous
Pair of chromosomes with genes at the
same loci, same size and same shape…read more

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Explain how a gene codes for a
Base sequence of the DNA codes for the
sequence of amino acids.
It is a triplet code.…read more

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Explain how a gene mutation
changes the DNA resulting in
Sequence of bases in the DNA changes.
The RNA also changes causing a change
in the sequence of amino acids in the
The protein is faulty.…read more

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