The scientific process

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  • The Scientific Process.
    • Science tries to explain how and why thing happen
      • 1.Ask a question, make an observation and ask how or why it happens.
      • 2. Suggest an answer, or part of an answer, forming a theory.
      • 3. Make a prediction or hypothesis.
      • 4. Carry out a test to provide evidence.
      • A theory is only scientific if it can be tested!
    • The results are published. They need to let others know about their work.
      • 1. Scientific reports are similar to lab write-ups.
      • 2. The report is sent out to peers.
      • 3. Peer review can't guarantee the science is right.
      • 4. Sometimes mistakes are made and flawed work is published.
    • Other scientists read the published theories and results and try to test the theory themselves.
      • Repeating the exact same experiment.
      • Using the theory to make new predictions.
    • 1. If all the experiments in all the world support it, then the theory is know as a scientific 'fact'.
    • 2. Scientific breakthroughs will provide new ways to question and test the theory.
    • Scientists need evidence to back up their theories. They get this by carrying out experiments.


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