synagogue leadership

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  • Synagogue and leadership
    • synagogue leadership
      • synagogue
        • Lead by a rabbi chazzan and a chairperson
        • Rabbi= spiritual leader of the community
          • Lead services= educate members and officiate lifecycle events.
            • Marriage, funerals e.t.c
              • Rabbis= undergo an extensive training programme= semicha
                • Involves a great deal of Torah and Talmud study.
                  • Rabbis= expected to lead an example.
                    • Orthodox rabbis= men only are expected to be married and have a family.
                      • cantor
                        • Trained singer.
                          • Engage the congregations in worship help them to connect with prayers
                            • Cantor= takes on rabbinical duties.
                              • Helps guide the community
                                • Chair person=voluntary position.
                                  • Chair person= elected by other members of the congregation= help run the synagogue
                                    • chair person= elected by other member of the congregation= help run the synagogue.
                                      • Chairperson= heads up a board of trustees that are responsible for running the synagogue
                                        • A* extra information
                                          • Progressive movements= allow women to train as Rabbis and cantors.
                                            • Women are allowed to stand as synagogue chairs in accordance  with the egalitarian policy.
                                              • United synagogue= does not allow women to lead religious services where men are present
                                                • A growing number of women only where orthodox women can read from the torah
                                                  • In the last 2 years= women have been allowed to become a chairperson at Orthodox synagogues
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