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Growth is the irreversible increase in the dry mass of an organism.

2. In plants growth is restricted to regions called meristems

3. Primary plant growth occurs at apical meristems (root and shoot tips) where newly formed
cells become elongated, vacuolated and differentiated .

4. Secondary growth occurs in a…

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5. Each stage in a metabolic pathway is controlled by an enzyme.

6. Production of each metabolite is controlled by a particular gene (or group of genes).

7. A mutated gene is unable to code the information needed to produce its enzyme. Lack of this
enzyme may lead to an…

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7. Drugs such as nicotine, alcohol and thalidomide harm a developing human foetus.

8. A plant grown in darkness develops a weak elongated stem and small curved leaves and is
said to be etiolated.

9. Green plants show positive phototropism by growing towards a source of light from one

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7. Some of these factors affect the growth of the population in a manner independent of
population density. Other factors operate in a densitydependent.

8. In a natural ecosystem, a population is kept relatively stable by densitydependent factors
effecting negative feedback control (homeostasis).

9. The population numbers of many wild…


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