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All the topics you basic need for unit 2 edexcel examination

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Higher Tier What you need to know for Unit 2
GCSE Unit 2 Higher Tier
Whole Numbers, Decimals, Factors and Multiples
Understand and order integers
Add subtract, multiply and divide integers
Round whole numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, ...
Multiply and divide whole numbers by a given multiple of 10
Put digits in the correct place in a decimal number
Write decimals in ascending order of size
Round decimals to a given number of decimal places or significant figures
Multiply and divide decimal numbers by whole numbers and decimal numbers up to 2 dp,
e.g. 266.22 ÷ 0.34
Know that 13.5 ÷ 0.5 = 135 ÷ 5
Check calculations by rounding - e.g. 29 x 31 is approximated by 30 x 30
Find squares; cubes; square roots; cube roots of numbers, with and without a calculator
Understand odd and even numbers, and prime numbers
Find the HCF and LCM of numbers
Write a number as a product of its prime factors, e.g. 108 = 2² x 3³
Introduction to Algebra
Simplify algebraic expressions in one or more like terms by addition and subtraction
Multiply and divide with letters and numbers
Multiply and divide powers of the same letter
Understand and use the index rules to simplify algebraic expressions
Use brackets to expand and simplify simple algebraic expressions
Expand or factorise algebraic expressions involving one pair of brackets
Expand and simplify expressions involving two pairs of brackets
Factorise quadratic expressions (including the difference of two squares)
Fractions and Percentages
Write a fraction in its simplest form and recognise equivalent fractions
Compare the sizes of fractions using a common denominator
Add and subtract fractions by using a common denominator
Write an improper fraction as a mixed number, and a mixed number as an improper fraction
Add and subtract mixed numbers
Understand that a percentage is a fraction in hundredths
Write a percentage as a decimal; or as a fraction in its simplest terms
Write one number as a percentage of another number
Calculate the percentage of given amount
Find a percentage increase/decrease of an amount
Find a reverse percentage, e.g. find the original cost of an item given the cost after a 10%
Use a multiplier to increase by a given percent, e.g. 1.1 x 64 increases 64 by 10%
Calculate simple and compound interest for two, or more, periods of time
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Higher Tier What you need to know for Unit 2
Plot and read coordinates on a coordinate grid (in all four quadrants)
Understand that one coordinate identifies a point on a line, two coordinates identify a point
in a plane and three coordinates identify a point in space, and use the terms 1-D, 2-D, 3-D
Find the coordinates of the fourth vertex of a parallelogram
Identify the coordinates of the vertex of a cuboid on a 3-D grid
Write down the coordinates of the…read more

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Higher Tier What you need to know for Unit 2
Perimeter, Area and Volume
Use Pythagoras' Theorem to find unknown lengths, e.g.…read more


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