Edexcel - Unit 3 Checklist

This document contains all the topics you need to know for the year 11 exam on Edexcel Unit 3, Non-Calculator and Calculator :)

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Non Calculator
Write one number as a % of another
Compound interest/depreciation
Fraction of an amount
Evaluate indices
Substitution in to formula and use a formula
Solve simultaneous linear equations
Solve quadratic (x2) equations
Draw and use a quadratic (x2) graph
Finding the equation of a straight line (y = mx + c)
Transformations (reflection, rotation, enlargement and translation)
3-D isometric drawings
Distance-Time graphs
Volume of prisms and converting units
Dimensions of formulae
Angles in polygons
Circle Thgeorems
Ratio including exchange rates
Write one number as a % of another
Standard Index Form
Laws of indices
Solve a cubic (x3) equation by trial and improvement
Solve linear equations
Change the subject of a formula
Solving inequalities
Transformation of graphs
Plans and elevations
Circumference and area of a circle
Pythagoras' Theorem
Locus of a point and standard constructions
Limits of accuracy (max/min of measurements)
Area of a segment

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