Unit 2 Geography notes - rebranding places

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Players ­ individuals, groups or organisations who have an interest in a particular project or
URBAN ­ Bullring
Bullring Alliance ­ Hammerson PLC, Future Fund and Henderson Global Investors
Fund construction process
Invest large amounts of money
Focus on profit
8000 jobs created
Visitors and customers ­ 36.5 million in first year
Make it viable to stay open
Concern of cleanliness
Not littering and maintaining standards of the building
Commercial tenants ­ high street chains
Focus on gaining profit
Sales generate a large amount of profit
Provide employment opportunities
RURAL ­ Eden Project
Local residents ­ Locals for a Fiver
Provide 650 staff members
300 people volunteer
Local suppliers
Visitors ­ 13 million overall
1.9 million in first year
1 billion to economy
Funders - 86 million
Objective one funding
Millennium commission grant £37.15 million
Regional development agencies
Charitable donations from trusts e.g Entrust

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Rural, peripheral location, situated in SOUTH WEST England
IN NEED OF REBRANDING... the process of changing an area in order to change the
previous negative views of the area and increase investment... attempt to reduce the
effects of the spiral of decline.…read more

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Provided jobs
Newquey ­ airport has increased flights
Increased accessibility
Tourist location ­ popular for stag and hen nights
Jamie Olivers Fifteen ­ upper market restaurant, provides chef training to locals (focus
on education as well as tourism)
Watergate Bay ­ surf school
Adventure and family tourists
CUC ­ increased uni courses
Helps graduates set up Cornish businesses
Stops brain drain
Helps create a knowledge economy
Encourage business investment
Multiplier effect
Lobbs Farm ­ example of farm diversification
Farming not making enough money
Offer…read more

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West Midlands, UK
DEINDUSTRIALISATION... car manufacturing industry closest in 1960's
spiral of decline
high crime rates ­ robbery average 8%, in Birmingham 13% (www.upmystreet.co.uk)
unemployment in 2010 UK average 4.8%, Birmingham 12.…read more

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International Conference Centre
10 conference rooms
National importance
Benefits businesses in Birmingham
Older building
Clean and well maintained
Rebranding focused on city centre, may not benefit the average person living in
Bullring most successful
Interviews ­ voice record them
Graffiti survey
Photos and field sketches
Focus groups
Bi-polar survey
Interview local council
Crime statistics
Employment statistics
Local council website
www.upmystreet.co.…read more

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Warm climate
Flat land for development
Sandy beaches
Established tourist market
Vulnerable to hurricanes and coastal storms
Increased movement to coasts increased people living at risk
75% of population live on the coastline
Warm climate for Europe
Long summers
Cheap flights from England
Cheaper living standards
Increased British migration ­ retirement location
Skype ­ easy to live there and keep in contact with family
60% of the population live in 5 main cities on the coastline ­ e.g.…read more

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SSSI, owned by the national trust, trampling of the sand
Poole harbour ­ ferry services
Land features such as Old Harry Rocks and Durdle Door
Swanage ­ high value coastline, interesting wildlife, high biodiversity, endemic
species ­ e.g.…read more

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Spurn Point ­biodiversity nature reserve, aged wooden groynes, do nothing
approach taken, little economic value, was not worth protecting
Hornsea ­ wooden groynes, small holiday coastal resort, losing beach due to LSD
and winter storms, affects Mappleton
Integrated coastal management ­ SMP (shoreline management plan) mixture of hard
and soft engineering depending on whether the place has economic value ­ Holderness
sediment cell
Blackwater Farm, Essex
Salt marshes planted to reduce wave energy
Example of soft engineering
Works with natural processes
Tsunami on Boxing…read more

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South East UK
Warm climate all year round
Surrounded by mountains
Tourist development
Sky scrapers and hotels
Port…read more


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