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Researcher/ Freud ­ Little Hans (1909)
Aim Freud studies the case of Little Hans to try to understand the five year old
boys' phobia of horses and to treat it.
Method Case Study
i.e. Lab
Procedure Themes:
1. Little Hans had an interest in his widdler…

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When Hans said the mother doll is his mummy and that he was the father
and his own father the grandfather, this showed Hans was now cured, this
was the resolution of the Oedipus complex.
Evaluation The data was comprehensive. Covering dreams, events, ideas and feelings
= valid.
Although the…

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Researcher/s Dibs: Personality development in play therapy.
Axline (1964)
Aim To cure a five year old boy of his refusal to speak or interact with others
and his aggressive nature when challenged by unlocking what was
troubling him.
Method Case Study
i.e. Lab Experiment

Procedure Play therapy sessions documented.

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Researcher/s Dr Money (1975) Ablatio Penis: Normal male infant sex
Date reassigned as a girl.

Aim John Money. John Hopkins University. Believed gender is determined
by social experience after birth, a product of upbringing. He believed
children were born gender neutral and are created as males or females

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David shot and killed himself. It has been argued that the strong, natural force he
felt telling him that he was male, being then overridden by the upbringing he
received, was a significant factor in the depression leading to his suicide.

The case study only followed one child and…

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Conclusion While Money wanted to prove that biological gender can be easily
overwritten by upbringing of a child.

Researcher/s Raine et al (1997)
Brain abnormalities in murderers indicated by positron emission
Date tomography

Aim The aim of the experiment was to discover if murderers who have
pleaded not guilty by…

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their prefrontal and parietal areas, more activity in their occipital areas,
and no difference in their temporal areas.

Results The results from the subcortical areas found less activity in the corpus
callosum They also found an imbalance of activity between the two
hemispheres in three other subcortical structures. In the…

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prefrontal cortex which led to a reduction in sentence from
death to life in prison. If we know that murder may be caused
by faults in peoples' biological make-up, then it means that we
can work on ways to treat violent offenders by altering their
biology. There have been some…

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Researcher/s Gottesman and Shields (1966)

Aim To investigate the relationship between schizophrenia and
genetic makeup.

Method Analysis. Lab testing.
i.e. Lab Experiment

Procedure Researchers looked at patient records from a short-stay psychiatric hospital with a
large outpatients department.
The records covered a sixteen year history from 1948 to 1964.…


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