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Biological Approach
The Central Nervous System (CNS) ­ Consists of the brain and spinal cord. Connecting to the CNS are
the nerves that control the body.

Neurones ­ A nerve cell which sends electrical messages called nerve impulses along their length.

Neurotransmitter ­ A chemical released at the end of…

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magnet, and the nuclei in hydrogen molecules emit their own radio wave at a frequency that the
scanner picks up.

PET scan ­ Functioning of the brain. A radioactive chemical is injected into the blood of a person,
releasing radioactivity which can be picked up on the scan. The more…

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the foetus to develop testes. Male speech and comprehension is controlled by the left hemisphere,
whilst females tend to be across both hemispheres.

Evaluation of the biological explanation to gender development

In the case of David Reimer, the role of genetics overcame the role of the environment in the


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