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Unit 2, Module 1: Biological Molecules
1 Biochemistry and metabolism:

Risk factor- is a factor that increases your chance of developing a particular disease.

Metabolism- is the sum of the total of all the biochemical reactions taking place in the cells
of an organism.

2 Biochemicals and bonds:

Covalent bonds-…

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9 Proteins in action

Haemoglobin- a globular transport protein.

Collagen- a fibrous structural protein.

10 Lipids are not polymers

Lipids- a diverse group of chemicals that dissolve in organic solvents, such as alcohol, but
not in water. They include fatty acids, triglycerides and cholesterol.

11 Essential oils?

12 Water- a…

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18 Enzymes are globular proteins

Catalyst- a molecule that speeds up a chemical reaction but does not get used up. At the
end, the catalyst remains unchanged.

19 Inside and out- where enzymes work best

Extracellular- enzymes catalyse reactions outside the cell.

Intracellular- enzymes catalyse reactions inside the cell.


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26 Interfering with the enzymes- poisons and drugs

Biosensor- uses enzyme-controlled reactions to detect the presence of substances in a
highly sensitive and specific way. If the substance is present, the enzyme-controlled reaction
takes place. The biosensor has a mechanism for revealing whether product is made.

27 Investigating enzyme action-1…


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