Unit 1- Organic Chemistry Study Guide

Study guide for all covered by the spec on the Organic chemistry topic in unit 1

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Unit 1- Module 5-Organic Chemistry
Empirical formula- The simplest whole number ration of atoms in each element in
the compound.
Molecular formula- Shows the actual number of each type of atom in a compound.
Structural formula- Shows all the covalent bonds present in a molecule.
DIsplayed formula - the draw out version of the structural formula
Homologous series- are families of organic compounds with the same functional
group and same general formula. They have the same chemical properties, each
member differs by CH and they show a gradual change in physical properties.
Functional group- is an atom or group of atoms which when present in different
molecules causes them to have similar chemical properties.
Structural isomers- same molecular formula different structural formulae
Naming Carbon Chains
Count the longest carbon Chain and name appropriately
FInd any branched chains and count how many carbons they contain
Add the appropriate prefix foreach
branch chain, to denote
location( remember count the carbons as done in step 1)
Naming Functional groups
The functional group is indicated by prefix or suffix
The positional isomer is given a number to denote location( count from so that it is
the smallest number) , note that is a number is not needed then do not include it( in
Where there is more than one group then, di-, tri- or tetra- are used
Commas between numbers, hyphens between words and numbers
If there is more than one functional group then they are listed in alphabetical order
Chain isomers-Compounds with the same molecular formula but different
structure of carbon skeleton.
The below all have the molecular formula C5H10 but have a variety of different
carbon skeletons.

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Unit 1- Module 5-Organic Chemistry
Positional isomers- Compounds with the same molecular but different structures
due to different positions of the same functional group on the same carbon
skeleton.…read more


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