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Law making and the legal
Unit 1…read more

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Course contents
Parliamentary law making
Delegated legislation
Statutory interpretation
Judicial precedent
The courts system
Alternative to courts
Lay people
Legal professions
Finance of advice and representation
The judiciary.…read more

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Parliamentary law making
Influences on parliament ­
The law commission, political, media and
pressure groups influences; green and white
papers.…read more

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The law commission.
The law commission is a government body
put in place to review the law and keep it up
to date by means of consolidation and
The law commission consists of five parts
which are solicitors, barristers, civil servants,
researchers and support staff.…read more

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Consolidation is a process where by the law commission combine all the laws on
one particular area into one act and there are three different ways of doing this
1) Pure consolidation- which simply reanacts law into a different place
2) Consolidation which allows corrections and minor improvements
3) Consolidation of amendments as recommended by the law commission
under a procedure adapted in 1965.
Most consolidation falls under the third category and only corrections and minor
improvements can be made during the process of consolidation.
Consolidation was used to codify contract law, landlord and tenant law, family
law and the law of evidence all into one act of parliament.
Codification is different from consolidation in that the function is to simplify the
existing law rather than to make substantial amendments.…read more

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Media and pressure groups.
The media include television, radio, newspapers and journals
play a powerful role in bringing issues to the attention of the
government. Newspapers in particular promote specific issues
or causes. For example the daily mail has often rune headlines
on immigration or asylum seekers in order to try to achieve
tighter controls, and the sun has consistently campaigned
against what it sees as the growing influence of the EU on
British life. Another example of media influence was the
campaign run by the news of the world in 2000 following the
murder of Sarah Payne by a paedophile. It published details of
known paedophiles in order to force the government to take
action. The result was a register of sex offenders and promise of
much closer supervision of those released into the community.…read more

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