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Introduction to the Sources of Law
The The term "sources of law" refers to where the law comes
Sources from.
English and Welsh law comes from several sources.
of law
The main sources are:
the common law
judicial precedent
delegated legislation
European law
European Convention on Human Rights.
The The common law originates from the original laws and legal
Common customs of England that existed prior to the Norman
law conquest of England in 1066.
After 1066 these original laws slowly merged and developed
into a single system of law referred to as `the common law'.
The common law is a judge-made system of law because it
was the judges who over many centuries were responsible
for merging and developing the original laws and legal
customs in to this single system of law.
Today the term common law is regarded as including all case

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Equity Equity means "fairness" in ordinary language.
As a legal term it began as a set of special rules founded
and administered by the old Court of Chancery.
It was created because the original common law often failed
to ensure fairness or justice, and people would appeal to the
King's Chancellor who as "keeper of the King's conscience"
could help.
The Chancellor dealt with such appeals in the Court of
Chancery.…read more

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Judicial In all courts it is the judge who is responsible for deciding
Precedent questions of law. This involves the judge interpreting the
common law, equity or legislation.
Courts are arranged in to a hierarchy of importance. A
court that is more important is known as a superior court
and one that is less important is known as an inferior court.…read more

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European European Community Law is law that comes from the
Communit European Union of which the United Kingdom is a member.
y Law When the United Kingdom joined the European Community
Parliament passed the European Communities Act 1972.
The European Communities Act 1972 not only made
European law directly enforceable in British courts but also
gave it supremacy over any British law.…read more

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Delegated Parliament has quite often delegated its power to make law
legislation to various bodies or people.
There are different types of delegated legislation. The main
types are ­
Orders in Council
Statutory instruments and
Orders in Council permit the government through the Privy
Council to make law. These are used in a variety of
situations such as introducing restrictions of the movement
of livestock during a foot and mouth crisis or to introduce
European Union directives in to the British legal system.…read more

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