The European Union and Political Consideration

Information on the EU and political consideration.

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Parliamentary Influences the European Union and Political Unit
Consideration 1AI
European Union (EU)
The United Kingdom joined the European Union by signing a treat, the Treaty of Rome
more precisely in 1972 despite initially being asked in 1950. An act or parliament was
needed for the United Kingdom to join the European Communities Act (1972). With
this act the United Kingdom surrendered some of its law making power to the European
Union, they do not have any jurisdiction over criminal law but they have the ability to
pass a law on any other topic for example they have laws that regulates how straight a
cucumber must be and how curved a banana must be to be considered acceptable for
sale. If national laws conflict with a European one then the European one takes
precedent meaning the national one must be ignored.
There will be more information on this on the parliamentary supremacy sheet.
Political Consideration
Political parties produce what are called manifestos to go with their campaign. These
manifestos highlight the policies of the party, if this party then gains a majority in a
general election and forms a government then it is inevitable that the laws proposed will
be biased towards the political agenda shown in the manifesto for example the labour
party are a party that look to propose laws to benefit the working class.
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