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Main Features of the Constitution

A Federal State

The new German Reich included 25 states - 4 kingdoms, 6 grand duchies,
12 duchies and principalities, 3 free cities, plus the territory seized from
France in 1871.
The states retained their own governments and had different
constitutions. Some allowed universal suffrage…

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Bismarck gave the position of chancellor considerable powers to
manipulate both the Kaiser and the Reichstag. Yet the success of the
chancellor depended on his political ability, the character of the Kaiser
and the composition the Reichstag.
The role of chancellor worked well for Bismarck because he had the

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Members would not be paid, to ensure the class of members.

The Army

The army lay outside the formal constitution because Bismarck did not
want to tie its hands by defining its role.
Bismarck did not make the army accountable in law to the Reichstag;
instead he made it directly…

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