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Unit 1: The Music Industry

Core unit:
Must pass (at least) to get BTEC
Exam in summer 2016

Two main learning aims:
- Types of organisations in music industry
- Job roles in the music industry

Radio and T.V channels
Record labels
Production Companies
Management companies

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Musician Vocalist Lead with a band Impress the Instrumentalists
Backing vocals audience Producers
Pro vocal technique Back up the main Stylists
& knowledge of singer Agents
music Could damage voice Managers
Session Singing May outshine the Songwriters /
Reading music & main singer composers
sight reading Other Artists
Versatile with…

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Ableton e.g.

Role / Job What the job requires Disadvantages&

Musician Auditioning Develops performance
Knowing what's required and confidence and ability.
being prepared Group rehearsals good for
Perform your best networking and getting jobs
On time and well presented learning from others
Could be hugely successful
Rehearsing e.g…

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Composer/songwriter/pro Musical theatre Put in a lot of work with no
Music for plays result
Film & T.V scores
Specific concert
Video games
Classical Composer
(symphony, concerto, choral
Write songs for self or others
Responding to a brief -
requirement of your client
Requires versatility (able to

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Producer Producing artists recordings Shape overall album
Helps to shape a song Sounds unified
Shapes the sound Push performance levels to
Choose extra instruments and max
voices Help the artist's confidence
Create the sonic identity of the Might have too much input in
recording (all songs have a the artist's…

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Live sound technician Plans stage layout + Mics If finance allows, own sound
+ monitors engineer knows the music and
Rigging & De-rigging (set up & mixes well
plug in) Good engineer can improve
Supervise the sound crew the overall experience
(delegate the jobs) May not know the music and…

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Venue Manager Booking events (things that Artist can concentrate on the
will sell) music
Looking after licenses (from Organise a lot of gigs
council - event licence) & Could under-promote an event
(Alcohol & food licence)
Manage staff; Security,
Catering, Box office, Cleaners,
Tech Crew, Stewards,
Hiring extra security…

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Promoter Put on events and make a Allows artist to concentrate on
profit from them music
Identify performance Could be outdated of what's in
opportunities - what will work vogue
and what will sell Could cause financial loss
Looking for good venues & through bad judgement and
artists + loosing…

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