Revision notes on fusion

Here are some revision notes on fusion

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Blends elements from either Indian or African music with features
from another culture ­ often Western pop music.
African pop music
o Combines African percussion instruments and western jazz
instruments. Such as
saxophones, trumpets, vibraphones and guitars.
o Based in west African traditional songs
o Usually have simple chords and four beats in a bar.
o Often includes elements of African rhythm, call and response,
big band instruments, jazz and pop styles and Caribbean
calypso music.
Other pop styles and artists:
o Afrobeat (Nigeria) ­ a fusion of highlife, soul and funk
o Juju (Nigeria) ­ Lots of guitars and percussion
o Hiplife (Ghana) ­ a form of rap
o Mbalax ­ combines Cuban and Senegalese styles
o Rap ­ rap in African languages, the words deal with social
injustice and political problems, political songs are common in
African pop music
o Mory Kante ­ combines the sound of the kora with US hip-hop
and dance music
o Salif Keita ­ combines electric instruments and Cuban
Indian Fusion
o Name given to the Mumbai film industry
o Combines words `Hollywood' and `Bombay'
o The actors mime songs, lip-sinking over pre recorded tracks
made by professional singers.
o Combines elements of Indian music with elements of western
Traditional Indian instruments (often tabla)
Melodies that are sometimes based on raga
Melismatic melodies where several notes are sung to the
same syllable
Nasal vocal tone
Vocal lines using `gamak' ­ a type of gliding where notes
are approached from the note above or below
Western instruments such as violins, synthesisers,
electric guitars etc
Major or minor keys or modes
Harmonies using simple chord patterns
Dance rhythms - disco, foxtrot, polka rhythms

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o Uses a dhol ­ a traditional drum made from a large wooden
o Style of pop music developed by young British Asians.…read more


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