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and Dependency
Global Development - Topic 3…read more

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Frank (1971) `s
Dependency Theory
Was developed in the 1970's to oppose modernisation
theory…read more

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The Key ideas
Developing countries struggle to sustain
development by following modernisation
Since the 16th century there's been a world capitalist
system that is made up of:
metropolis/core nations i.e. the developed world
satellite/peripheral countries i.e. the developing
world…read more

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The Key ideas
The metropolis/core nations take advantage of satellite/peripheral
countries by using them for cheap labour, minerals and fertile
This results in the metropolis/core nations accumulating wealth
and the satellite/peripheral countries remaining underdeveloped.
Also, in the satellite/peripheral countries there are elites
supported by the metropolis/core nations that further exploit
those living in their own countries.
Foster-Carter (1985): The ultimate satellite is the landless rural
labourer who has nothing and no one to exploit and is probably
female.…read more

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The origins of
Dependency and 9 million Africans shipped
Slavery helped kick start
underdevelopment was across the Atlantic to work
Britain's industrial
established through very cheaply on cotton,
slavery and colonialism sugar and tobacco farms
British slave traders and
between 1650 and 1900
meant that colonies could plantation owners profited
european powers
be exploited for cheap raw a lot and enjoyed a
colonized much of the
materials, food and labour monopoly over these
the west could easily
most fertile lands were
new markets created for destroy competition due to
owned by the west and
the wests products their cheap imported
used for cash crops
goods…read more

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Frank (1971)
Noted that new and more subtle forms of colonialism were
These new forms are just as destructive…read more

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