ultrasound basics

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Ultrasound are sound waves with
frequencies of over 20,000Hz
Cannot be heard by humans out of our
Ultrasound waves are partially reflected as
they pass from one material to another
We can use data on how long the waves
take to reflect in order to measure
What is it used for?
Prenatal Scanning Ultrasound waves
are "fired" into the mother's womb, and
the reflected waves build up an image of
the baby inside.
Cleaning Delicate Objects the tiny
vibrations caused by the ultrasound are

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object is placed into a container of cleaning
fluid and ultrasounswaves are fired into it.
This method means a low risk of damaging
the object and thorough clean.
Detecting Cracks when ultrasound
waves are fired at a surface, some of them
may be reflected back in a longer time by
flaws in the material.…read more


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