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  • Ultrasound
    • Uses of ultrasound
      • When ultrasound is used in  body scan, a pulse o ultrasound is sent through the body
        • At each boundary between different tissues some ultrasound is reflected, and the rest is transmitted
          • The returning echoes are recorded and used to build up an image of the internal structure
      • Used to break down kidney stnoes into smaller peices
      • Ultrasound is preferred to x-rays because:
        • It doesn't damage cells
        • It is able to produce images of soft tissue
    • Velocity = frequency X wavelength
    • Ultrasound is a sound above 20,000 Hz which is a higher frequency than humans can hear
    • It travels as a longitudinal wave containing compressions and rarefractions
      • Feature of a longitudinal wave are:
        • The louder the sound, or the more powerful the ultrasound the more energy is carried by the wave and the larger its amplitude
        • They can't travel through a vacuum
        • The hiigher the frequency or pitch, the smaller the wavelength
      • Rarefractions are reions of lower pressure
      • Compressions are regions of higher pressure


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