A level English language accent and dialect

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  • English Language- Accent and dialect
    • Is there a superior form of English?
      • Pierre Bourdieu, 1991- Particular ways of speaking have more symbolic power.
      • Michael Pearce- Social and linguistic prestige are interrelated.
      • John Honey 1997- Agrees with the Newbolt Report, believes that Standard English is superior to all other forms of English.
        • Crowley 1989- Working class speech habits were a threat which could be neutralised through education.
          • Normal Tebbit- suggested there is a correlation between "ability to use good English, personal hygiene and crime."
      • Giles 1975- carried out a social experiment using lecturers which were judged on their level of intelligence based on their accent. RP accent came out on top.
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      • Milroy- Rural accents have become revalourised as class dialects under the increasingly urban capitalist system.
      • Aziz CoorperationRan a survey to rate UK accents in relation to their business appeal.79% of business people thought a strong regional accent was a disadvantage.77% believes that Home Counties accents are generally successful.Followed by American (75%), Scottish (65%), continental European accent (52%) and Indian or Asian accents (25%).Scottish was the only successful regional accent, 43% said they were successful, 40% hardworking and reliable, 31% trustworthy.Liverpool's scouse was the worst, 15% believed them to be successful, 9% hardworking and 8% trustworthy.Cockney was thought to be successful but not trustworthy.Geordie was thought to be warm and caringIndian and Asian accents are hardworking and reliable
      • Thornborough 2004- One of the most fundamental ways we have of establishing our identity and shaping other people's view of who we are, is through our choice of language."


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