English Language Theorists Paper Two

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  • Theorists
    • Social Class
      • Trudgill
        • Higher Class spoke more RP
      • Cheshire
        • Lower class use less RP, Higher class use more
      • Labov
        • Differences in accent links to class
    • Occupation
      • Giles
        • Change the way we speak to suit audience
      • Swales
        • Discourse community people who work in the same occupation understand each other
      • Drew and Heritage
        • Professional lexis is goal orientated and full of instructions
    • Language Change
      • Prescriptivist
        • Humphreys
          • Dislikes text speech
          • Technology hinders language e.g 'brb' 'lyfe'
        • Deutscher
          • Today's generation are leading children not being able to speak or write correctly
      • Descriptivist
        • Crystal
          • Language is influenced by society
          • Technology is not damaging language
        • Trudgill
          • Change in meaning does not create confusion
    • Workplace and Gender
      • Holmes
        • Women managers are more likely to negotiate
      • Eakins & Eakins
        • Men dominated meetings spoke 11-17 seconds and women 3-10 seconds
    • Gender
      • Cameron
        • Women stereotyped to speak RP or SE
      • Tannen
        • Women speak to gain confirmation
        • Men speak to gain dominance
    • World Englishes
      • Kachrus Circles
        • Shows the spread of English
        • Inner; UK,USA Outer; India, Singapore Expanding; Europe, Japan
        • Diagram
      • Schneider Dynamic Model
        • How language is evolved through competition and selection
    • Region and Dialect
      • Giles
        • Change the way we speak to suit the audience
      • Labov
        • Young speakers less likely to use RP
      • Trudgill
        • Many accents do not use Standard English e.g. 'Walkin'


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