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AS Psychology, unit 2, aqa a- social…read more

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Types of conformity
Conformity occurs when people change their behaviour
or thoughts to fit in with the majority. 2 types of
conformity: internalisation and compliance
· Internalisation- people change both their private
opinion and there public behaviour to fit in with the
· Compliance- people change their behaviour to fit in
with the majority but keep their private opinion the
same. As soon as the person is on their own again,
they revert back to their usual behaviour.…read more

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Asch study- method
· Asked 7-9 confederates to say which line out of 3
was the same as line x i.e. a, b, or c
· A single participant was placed 2nd to last in the line
of confederates
· The first confederate said the correct answer the
first 6 times then the incorrect answer the next 12
times. All confederates said the same answer as the
first confederate
· This occurred 123 times with different confederates
and participants…read more

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Asch study- findings
· Conformity occurred on 37% of the critical trials
· 25% participants never conformed
· No participant conformed on every trial
· 75% conformed at least once…read more

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Asch study- conclusions
· This shows that people are influenced by the
majority, but not everyone reacts in the same way
· Also shows that not everyone conforms as some
participants weren't influenced by the confederates
answers…read more

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Asch study- evaluation- validity
· Low ecological validity- lab experiment so its an
artificial setting therefore the situation won't be
experienced in real life. In real life decisions will be
more vague and less obvious.…read more

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