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  • Conformity
    • Types
      • Compliance: going along with others to gain approval or avoid disapproval.
      • Internalisation: going along with others because you have accepted their view because its consistent with your own
    • Aschs study
      • 123 male american undergraduate volunteers
      • believe it was a vision test and also didnt know that all but one participants were conferates
      • had to say out loud, which line matched the test line, confederates gave wrong answer 12/18.
      • 36.8% conformed and gave the wrong answer, for one of four reasons
      • Evaluation= lacks population validity and historical validity- conducted in the mccarthysm era
    • Why people conform
      • Normative social influence: result of wanting to be liked or part of a social group
      • Informational social influence: result of wanting to be right, look to others for right answer,
    • Resisting pressures to conform
      • In a variation of asch, another non conforming person gave social support and caused conformity rates to plummet. informational social influence


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