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  • Conformity is changing your behaviour or thoughts as a result of social pressure or influence which can be either imagined or real

  • Compliance is a type of conformity in which someone publicly conforms but privately maintains the same views.

  • Internalisation is a type of conformity where someone both publicly and privately conforms. This means it changes their way of thinking.

  • Research into compliance – Asch, 1951

    • 123 American, undergraduate males were given the unambiguous task of judging line length, tested by a pilot study where only 3 mistakes were made out of 720 trials

    • The participants were seated around a table with confederates who all said the same incorrect answer on 12 out of the 18 trials, called 'critical trials'

    • There was a mean conformity rate of 37%, 5% conformed on every trial. This shows compliance. However, 25% didn't conform on any of the trials

  • Evaluation

  • Laboratory Experiment → Control over extraneous variables → High internal validity

  • Artificial setting and task → Cannot be generalised to real life → Lacks ecological validity

  • All American, undergraduate males → Androcentric → Lacks population validity

  • Deception → lack of informed consent → ethical issues

  • Research into internalisation – Sherif, 1936

    • Used the Auto kinetic Effect where


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