War Of The Roses

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War Of The Roses under the context Richard III
- Relations between the king and the nobility caused problems in medieval England
******* FEUDALISM - 13th century contract system. Payments given instead of land games.
This was a crucial factor in relations because...
1) Nobles could build up affinity giving them a wide influence in politics and society
2)Nobles could raise an army quickly which could threaten the king

How did the War Of The Roses begin?
- Edward III 1327-77, his reigning harmony caused problems for future monarchs
- Richard II deposed by HenryIV, his son Henry V won inspirational victories against the French but did not succeed a power flavourable to the crown
WOTR started with Lancastrian Henry VI

Battle of St Albans 1455 - War can be divided into 3 stages
1- 1459-61- Battle of Wakefield, Edward VI to throne
2- 1469-71- Prince Edward murdered in Tewkesbury
3- 1483-87- Henry Tydor in Brittany for 12 years

Order of Reign
L ~ Henry VI reigns 1422-61
Y ~ Edward IV reigns 1461-70
L ~ Henry VI reigns 1470-71
Y ~ Edward IV reigns 1471-83

Gloucesters rise to power
Originally Edward IV wanted the princes to be looked after by a regioncy
* 14th April, Ludlow heard of Edward IV's death
* On the 24th they left Ludlow castle for London
* Gloucester and Buckingham met Earl Rivers on 30th April unaware of their plotting
Gloucester had Rivers arrested for the next day and sent up North for execution

It was not unknown before for noblemen and important people to die

*Elizabeth Woodville fled to Westminister Abbey with her other children
On May the 4th Edward V entered London with Gloucester and Buckingham, who was now the princes protector
*He ran the country and arranged a formal corronation for Edward V on the 22nd of June

>Hastings had disliked the Woodvilles but had been close to Edward IV
>Gloucester had been rewarding Buckingham which made Hastings and other members of Edward IV's counsel angry
>Hastings supported Gloucester but was devoted to Edward IV's children and started to realise Gloucester had sinister plans

Counsel = group of advisors chosen by the king. A decision making body
John Morton =…


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