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· To what extent was Northumberland more
successful than Somerset in ruling England
during the reign of Edward VI?
· How effectively did the governments of
Edward VI and Mary I deal with unrest?
· Assess the reasons why Somerset &
Northumberland were opposed.…read more

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The Inherited Mid-Tudor Crisis
the complex set of problems inherited from his father Henry VIII,
these consisted of political, social & foreign affairs issues which
proved to extremely difficult to resolve due to Edward being a child
heir & the head of his Regency Council being inexperienced in
·No money in the revenue
·Debasement of the Silver Coinage
·High taxation Increased taxes
·Exploitation of wool & cloth industry
·Isolation in Europe
·Population increase High unemployment & crime rate
·High mortality rate
· Hostile foreign war policy with Scotland & France.…read more

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Son of Jane Seymour, reflected heavy involvement of
Seymour Faction during reign, Somerset.
Became king age 9 , too young to reign, father left behind
Regency Council of 16 members.
Extremely sick child, taken away with tuberculosis.
Raised with strong Protestant ideas, reluctance towards
allowing Catholic sister Mary to succeed throne.
Upon teenage hood Northumberland projected Edward's
religious ideas, legislation of Second Act of Uniformity.
Heavily involved with religious changes Second Common
Prayer Book…read more

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(1547 ­ 1549)…read more

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1.Context of Edward's succession & his
father's legacy.
2.Style of government
3.Social & Economic Policies
4.Foreign Policy
5.Religious Reforms
6.Rebellions/Fall of Somerset…read more

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this is literally saved my life!!! Thank you so much for uploading it <3


Really useful powerpoint thank you!

Luke Gent

Could you make one about Henry VIII as well?:D:D Thank you for this PPT!

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