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Chemistry Revision ­
C2…read more

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Atomic Structure and Bonding
particle relative charge
proton +1
neutron 0
electron -1…read more

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Ionic Bonding
Ions are charged particles when
atoms lose or gain electrons.
Lithium becomes Sodium also Calcium loses two
positive because it becomes positive electrons and
loses an electron. as it loses an therefore becomes
Li+ electron. Ca2+.
Na+…read more

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Chlorine gains an electron so Oxygen gains two atoms and so,
it becomes a negative becomes a negative oxide ion.
chloride ion. Cl- O2-…read more

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Ionic bonding in Sodium Chloride
Sodium has 11 electrons
and Chlorine has 17
An electron from the
Sodium atom moves
to the Chlorine atom
so Sodium becomes
positive and Chlorine
becomes negative.…read more

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Magnesium Oxide, MgO
Calcium Chloride, CaCl2…read more

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