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Transpirat ion
- Transpiration is the loss of water vapour (by evaporation from the
stomata) through the aerial parts of plants
- Water pulled through stem by capillary action
- Water lost through stomata, causing suction more taken in through
roots continuous flow of water = transpiration stream
- Transpiration…

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Transpirat ion

How shoot takes in water:
-Loss of water vapour from leaves (due to evaporation)
-Water pulled up xylem in continuous column as water molecules
are cohesive
-Water moves into xylem from roots to replace it

Connects cut shoot to Connected to capillary tubing
potometer. Greased + when tap…

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Transpirat ion
Vascular bundles
- Vessels (tubes) which transport water, minerals, sugars and hormones through plant
- Xylem- transports water + minerals from roots upwards
- Phloem- transports sugars (sucrose) + hormones from leaves up or down plant
In stem
In roots In leaf
Remember: XP (like windows)

X =…


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