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Tourism at the Great
Barrier Reef…read more

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· Generated over $4.228 billion in 2003.
· Diverse range of tourist activities
· 40 per cent of the 1.6 million visitors are from
· Over the years, tourism has become one of
the top industries in Austraila…read more

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· GBR is sectioned off into zones, these
determine what occurs there.
· General Use, Habitat Protection, Conservation
Park, Marine National Park
· Tourism comes under "General Use"…read more

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· For example, boats have to be 35m or below
in length, this would stop backwash from the
boat damaging the coral reefs
· Also group size needs to be kept at 40 people
or below, this would, again, limit the damage
done to the reefs.
· To reduce anchor damage, public mooring
sites have been sited around the Park…read more

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Many other regulations are used-
· NO Bait netting, Crabbing, harvesting
aquarium fish, coral and beach worms, netting
by commercial boats and trawling…read more


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